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Palmyra comes back to life thanks to two Italian companies



Two Tuscan companies, Tor Art and D-shape, will be responsible for the reconstruction of the new arch of Palmyra, which was destroyed during a jihadist attack last October. Tor Art, a Carrara-based company specializing in sculpture, will collaborate with D-shape, Enrico Dini's company specialized in 3D printing with dolomitic sand, to create the new arch.

The arch, built by these two Italian companies, will be 15 meters tall and weigh 11 tons, with a production value exceeding 100,000 euros for the over 70 cubic meters of sand used. Approximately 70% of the materials will come from the Alps or Carrara. In a video uploaded to the UN Italy YouTube channel, you can observe Tor Art's robots working on the reconstruction of the arch.

The project has already been presented to the Government of the United Arab Emirates and will be showcased to the public on April 19th in London's Trafalgar Square. The next step will be to install the monument in Syria, where there are currently only ruins.

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