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Giacomo Massari

As a graduate in business management, Giacomo Massari manages business operations, oversees project development, coordinates production phases, manages work schedules, and maintains customer relationships.

Giacomo Massari has extensive experience in business management and developing complex projects in various sectors, including sculpture, design, architecture, and restoration. He is responsible for customer management, contracting, and planning services.

During the XIV Carrara Sculpture Biennale, Giacomo Massari produced works in collaboration with artists such as Paul McCarthy, Urs Fischer, Antony Gormley, Cai Guo-Quiang, and Sam Durant.

Filippo Tincolini

As a sculptor and graduate of the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, Filippo Tincolini has always combined traditional craftsmanship with enthusiasm for innovation, leveraging the most advanced technologies to enhance his work.

He has collaborated with several Tuscan artisan factories and marble workshops in Carrara since 1997, becoming a prominent member of the cultural and artistic community. In 2004, he embarked on an ambitious project that has since evolved into TorArt, with his acquired skills playing a crucial role in developing ROBOTOR's software and hardware.

Filippo Tincolini continues to work as a sculptor, participating in exhibitions and installations.
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