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ROBOTOR©, was born out of TORART’s expertise in robot-led sculpture. The company specialises in integrating multi-axis industrial robots for stone milling, which is the most advanced technological solution for automating production processes. This system not only guarantees exceptional quality but also enables safe operations.

The ROBOTOR© project is based on a precise philosophy and 18 years of experience in stone milling. By using suitable tools and optimising work paths, the machine can operate uninterrupted 24 hours a day, enabling precise control of processing times and costs. This technology allows operators to attend to other tasks while waiting for the process to finish.

At the heart of ROBOTOR© is OR-OS, a revolutionary self-programming software 
for CNC milling that allows anyone to use robots to perform complex tasks through intuitive interfaces without the need for specific programming skills. 
OR-OS© uses 3D files and automatically converts models into toolpaths without the need for operator intervention.
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