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Where to find us

TORART is a workshop that specialises in processing marble and stone. Established in 2004 by Giacomo Massari and Filippo Tincolini in Fantiscritti, the workshop is located in the stunning basin of the Apuan Alps, where Michelangelo once sourced precious white marble for his sculptures.

Situated outside the town, the factory is a place of ‘thought and inspiration’, surrounded by white marble and in close proximity to the workers who extract it daily. The workshop boasts marvellous views extending all the way to the sea. In Dante's writings, this location was said to be the hometown of the soothsayer Aron, who could see the stars and sea without any limits to his gaze. The two founders chose this location for the convenience of sourcing marble blocks, particularly for valuable statue-making, directly from the quarry.
Where to find us:
via Fantiscritti SNC
54033 Carrara
Telefono: 0585 73400
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