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Can robot-machined marble statues be as good as those made by humans?

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Giacomo Massari founder of the Italian company “Robotor” is convinced that his robot-machined marble statues are nearly as good as those made by humans.
Well, almost.
“I think, let’s say we are in 99 per cent,” he told CBS. “But it’s still the human touch that makes the difference. That one per cent is so important.” Massari even went a step further arguing that “robot technology doesn’t steal the job of the humans, but just improves it.”

Robotor’s latest robot sculptor, dubbed “1L,” stands at 13 feet tall and is a zinc alloy beast of a machine that is capable of carefully chipping away at a slab of marble day and night.

The company claims the technology is nothing short of revolutionary.
“The quarried material can now be transformed, even in extreme conditions, into complex works in a way that was once considered unimaginable. We are entering a new era of sculpture, which no longer consists of broken stones, chisels and dust, but of scanning, point clouds and design,” according to the company’s website.

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