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Robotor One, the sculptor robot that works for museums



The Italian company Robotor, in collaboration with some sculptors, has succeeded in creating its own robot sculptor called Robotor One. This invention is capable of working with pieces of more than 4 meters in height, and some of them are already on display in museums.

The robot’s creators, Filippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari, point out that their invention is not intended to take away spaces from flesh and blood artists. According to them, Robotor One helps spread the art, through the use of replicas that can be installed in museums, in schools, or in the streets.

The machine uses the OR-OS software, which allows it to work without no programming or input of parameters, as well as directly process the 3D scan on its own, and create exact replicas.

In the following video you can see the potential of Robotor when sculpting Antonio Canova’s famous Tersicore.

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