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ROBOTOR 1L Robot is Designed to Carve Intricate Marble Sculptures



Carving a marble sculpture by hand could take months, if not years, that is unless…you’re using the ROBOTOR 1L. This 13-foot-tall robot takes just four days to carve intricate marble sculptures of the same quality that you’d see in museums. However, all of the marble surface has to be coated in a synthetic diamond powder to make it easier for 1L to cut through the stone.

Before it even gets carving, the robot must first analyze the material being cut before and identify the chisel points to create the sculpture. If you take one more step backward, a scan of the desired sculpture is first loaded onto a computer. However, that previous step can be skipped, so as long as the robot is loaded with the desired end product, thanks to a self-programming function.

"Robot technology doesn’t steal the job of the humans, but just improves it. We risk forgetting how to work with our hands. I hope that a certain knowhow and knowledge will always remain, although the more we go forward, the harder it will be to preserve it,” said Giacomo Massari, the owner of Robotor to CBS."

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