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Innovative ROBOTOR Robot Can Carve Intricate Marble Sculptures Just Like a Real Human Artist

Tech News

An innovative ROBOTOR robot may soon take the place of real artists, as it’s capable of carving intricate marble sculptures in days rather than months. Called the 1L, this robotic arm of sorts can turn work from real-life artists, such as Jeff Koons and Maurizio Cattelan, into marble sculptures. It’s not 100% perfect, as the human touch makes all the difference, since there are always imperfections.

This 13-foot-tall robot costs around $310,000 USD, so it won’t be replacing humans anytime soon, although 1L can make near-exact replicas of existing sculptures, imperfections and all. That’s right, it operas with the precision of a neurosurgeon, recreating all of the flaws including chips, chisel marks and stains to the best of its ability.

"We are entering a new era of sculpture, which no longer consists of broken stones, chisels and dust, but of scanning, point clouds and design. The quarried material can now be transformed, even in extreme conditions, into complex works in a way that was once considered unimaginable,” said the company."

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