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Geneve, 1965
Maturité fédérale. Collège de Saussure, Genève.
1992 Master Of Fine Art (MFA) en sculpture. School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago (SAIC) & Roosevelt University (Chicago, USA), Mai 1992
Currently Lives and Works in Geneve

Vincent Du Bois began his career in sculpture in a very traditional and academic way. After finishing school in Geneva and training on marble in the family business, he studied in Tuscany (Italy), where he was able to refine his perception for both human figures and his first personal projects. He lived his passion for sculpture in constant contact with white Carrara marble. After several studies and travels he come back to Geneva, where he now divides his days between the creation of his art, the development of original architecture and design projects, which combine craftsmanship and new technologies.


Glitch (God’s hand), 2016
Carrara White Marble
230x100x85 cm

Featured Exhibitions:
2016 Oct Librairie Archigraphy, vernissage du livre La Main et l’Art contemporain , coll. Slatkine (Genève) 2015 Juin-Août Galerie Hayat Fine arts (Carouge / GE-CH) 2013 Dis-moi qui est la plus belle (one year installation dans l’espace public) (Petit-Lancy-Genève) (Coll. EC) 2010 Mai Galerie Up Town Geneva (art center). (Genève, CH)(coll. EC) 2009 Oct Musée historique du Chateau de Nyon. Salle des roses (Nyon, CH)(coll. EC) 2009 Sep Ambassade Suisse du Japon (collaboration Strata architecture) – (Tokyo, Japan) 2008 Sep Habillage de l’espace Less is more (Genève) (coll. EC) 2006 Sep Ambassade Suisse du Japon (collaboration Strata architects) – (Tokyo, Japan) 2006 Avril Europ’Art. Espace Galerie Less is More avec Exa Concept 2002 Juin Galerie 50m2 – art contemporain (Genève)
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