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This statue was created by an Italian robot: the story of Robotor, the Michelangelo with artificial intelligence

Corriere della Sera


Conceived just steps from Carrara, it transforms marble into art using a mechanical arm and advanced software. If that mechanical arm, a bit of an artist itself, could understand human language, it would probably turn to the statue and ask: "Why don't you speak?" Today, indeed, to be Michelangelo and carve one's own Moses, genius and eccentricity are not required. All that is needed is "Robotor," a new generation of robots developed by two natives of Apuane: yes, from Carrara, where the finest marble has been quarried for centuries to adorn churches, palaces, and museums.

Michelangelo (of course), Canova, Botero, and more recently Jeff Koons and Maurizio Cattelan have all passed through there. But is it real art, having a sculpture milled by a mechanical arm around a two-meter block? "Of course, it is," reply together the two Apuan natives, Giacomo Massari, 39 years old, and Filippo Tincolini, 46, co-founders of TorArt, a sculpture studio frequented by those skilled in working marble and software experts.

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