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There is no impossible marble with Robotor" - Massari and Tincolini as speakers with Elon Musk



From Torano to the world's most important stages. The technology of the future is born on the mountains of Carrara. Today and tomorrow, among the protagonists of the Italian Tech Week in Turin, the largest Italian technology conference, there will also be the Carrara-based company Robotor. On this occasion, the two founders, Giacomo Massari and Filippo Tincolini, have been invited to give a presentation titled 'The Future of Sculpture is a Robot' as part of a lineup of international guests, which will also include the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. For the two entrepreneurs from Apuan, this represents an important recognition of years of work that led them to create Torart first, a sculpture laboratory based on digital techniques, chosen by world-famous artists, and subsequently Robotor, born from the idea of delegating the task of managing the robot's manufacturing phases to artificial intelligence. "Our goal," explains Giacomo Massari, "is to go beyond. We don't want to limit the artist and make feasible, thanks to technology, what seems impossible to achieve, but to go beyond, also to make our solutions accessible to everyone." During their presentation, Massari and Tincolini will trace the evolution of sculpture from dusty and noisy workshops to the robot-equipped laboratories where artisans can focus on the finishing touches of their works. A major highlight will be the creation, in the Carrara laboratories, of a replica of the arch of Palmyra, made possible by Robotor's technology made available to Harvard University, Oxford University, and the Dubai Future Foundation. "The example of Palmyra," the company explains, "is intended to be a response to the controversies that arose following the article dedicated to Robotor by The New York Times. In Michelangelo's time, it was the artisans who created the work, today, robots allow the artist to go beyond and make the impossible possible, enabling them to pursue ...

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