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The Tersicore by Antonio Canova

Titolo opera: 



Antonio Canova

Technical details of the work:

A full-length, life-size marble statue, completed by Canova in 1811, representing Tersicore, Muse of dance and choral singing. The work is kept at the Fondazione Magnani Rocca in Traversetolo, in the province of Parma.

Technical reproduction data:

The white Carrara marble reproduction made by TorArt and executed by an anthropomorphic ROBOTOR robot was preceded by a 3D scan of the original.


In the year of the bicentenary of the death of Canova, TorArt accepted the invitation of the Museum of Vetulonia to make a copy of Tersicore, Muse of Dance and Choral Song, one of the favourite subjects of the most important Master of Neoclassicism.

The reproduction of the work, life-size (height 182 cm), was lent to the "Isidoro Falchi" Civic Archaeological Museum of Vetulonia as a contribution to the realisation of the exhibition "A tempo di DANZA. In harmony, grace and BEAUTY'.

The Carrara marble reproduction was made possible thanks to the first 3D scan of the original statue carried out by TorArt on the original kept at the Magnani Rocca Foundation in Mamiano di Traversetolo in the province of Parma. The 3D scan was performed by a software developed in-house by TorArt capable of autonomously generating the programme that enabled the anthropomorphic robot produced by ROBOTOR to work the stone, 'recreating' the statue.
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