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Maurizio Cattelan experiments with Robotor, the robot that carves marble better than Michelangelo



The word has quickly spread both in Carrara and in the contemporary art circles. Maurizio Cattelan is reportedly working on a conceptual artwork created, in terms of material execution, by a powerful robot that sculpts in marble. The physical action does not detract from the idea-project, which remains that of the artist. Moreover, even in the past, think of Canova, the sculptor would create drawings and a model, from which studio assistants and sculptors would produce the work. In the final stages, the artist would intervene for the finishing touches. Several robots from the company Robotor, which manufactures these robot-sculptors, are already at work in some studios in Carrara. They help reduce the processing times, presenting the artwork to the artist in the final stages. Robotor is a Tuscan company based in the heart of the marble district: Carrara.

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