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Pontedera, 1976
Lucca Liceo Artistico A. Passaglia
2001 Carrara Accademia di Belle Arti (Scultura)
Currently Lives and Works in Carrara

Filippo Tincolini was born in 1976, after spending his childhood in Pontedera (PI), he moved to Lucca to attend the Art School and then continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara where he graduated in 2001, sculpture.

After completing his academic studies he took part in the SIEMA (International Symposium of Majorca, among the beauties of the Balearic Islands) and, the following year at the SINSP (International Sculpture Symposium) in Menorca, realizing with other artists a park of monumental sculptures in the biosphere reserve of the island.

Already in 1997 he had started attending several Tuscan artisan factories and marble workshops in Carrara where, after becoming part of the cultural and artistic background of the territory and not only, in 2004 he gave life to the TOR ART company: a contemporary art workshop that develops his activity in sculpture, design, architecture and restoration with particular attention to design by combining respect for traditional work (hand made) with a passion for innovation thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies such as 3D laser scanners and anthropomorphic robots.
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