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Filippo Tincolini, a technology enthusiast and lover of freedom, merges art and lifestyle in a continuous search for innovation and expression.

In his works, he does not offer absolute truths but takes on the responsibility of answering the questions that we have always asked ourselves in our "being in the world". He does so with irony and lightness to recover a ritual dimension, open to the other, breaking the self-referentiality of art and guiding the viewer in the interpretation of the work.
In search of new "epiphanies", Filippo Tincolini experiences art as a dialogue through beauty, a visible expression of the good, as the good is the metaphysical condition of beauty.

His works thus live from the encounter between aesthetic care, respecting the canons of classical sculpture and the millennia-old traditions of the Carrara workshops, and the wonder in the face of something "other than us" that, coming towards us, questions and challenges us, offering us a possible way out of the labyrinth of life.

In the "Swaddle" series, through the fusion of bandages and ropes with anatomical parts, the works stand as a challenge and an anthem to the struggle for freedom. In "Flowered Soul", it is nature that reminds us of its existence by making its way through bodies and the astronaut suit of the Spaceman: life is here and not elsewhere! But while the flowers advance silently, from the animals of the "Dystopian Animals" series there rises a cry of alarm to denounce the inconsistencies and contradictions of our time and to invoke a future in which art and humanity can still affirm their ability to reinvent and heal our wounded world. Majestic and mysterious emerge from the depths of time the sculptures of the "Ancient Gods" series where ancient art merges with the mythologies of contemporary superheroes to bridge the past and the future. Fragments of heroism that speak of ancient battles and immortal values, a powerful reminder of human invincibility and fragility.

If we were to hazard, we would speak of modal art, an art capable of telling the plurality of ways (or styles) of thought because reality is not the only model of truth.

Spaceman 2022
Marble \ Statuario Michelangelo
84 x 37 x 28 cm
Flowered Soul

The force of nature overcomes all barriers, even those of an astronaut suit. The Spaceman represents a space without limits, open to infinity, where human and nature coexist.

Shrouded Eyes 2023
Marble \ Bianco Michelangelo
21 x 31 x 50 cm

To tap into the essence of creativity, Thalia is forced to veil her sight. It is the metaphor of the true artist who must not be influenced by the outside world to preserve the integrity of his expression.

ApeAk47 2023
Marble \ Statuario Michelangelo
69 x 76 x 28 cm
: Dystopian Animals

The monkey dances with a stolen rifle in its hands, unleashing chaos and love in an instant. This sculpture celebrates the encounter between truth and fantasy, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the heart beats to the rhythm of an inexhaustible mystery.

Bust of Dedalo 2023
Marble Polychrome \ Bianco Carrara
78 x 45 x 95 cm
Ancient Gods

A timeless bust captures the essence of a legendary inventor, a master of antiquity whose fame surpasses the labyrinths of myth. It is engineering and innovation that define his identity, a bridge between past and future, an ode to the dreaming mind and the creating hand.
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