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Babled Design is the Lisbon-based studio of Emmanuel Babled and consists of a pan-European team and production, that collaborates with numerous European craft districts and leads to a worldwide visibility.

Driven by anthropological interest and physical presence, it integrates observation of materials and techniques in their authentic surroundings committed to places and social conditions. Babled Design creates artworks with the highest quality and experience in craftsmanship ability, by mixing ancient knowledge with high-performance technological tools, allowing for sophisticated production processes to create iconic pieces and inspire the design community.

The limited series of ‘Quark’ coffee tables merges the exploration of materials with production techniques, becoming the pretext to explore prime natural materials from their extraction to their transformation. The series’ name is a reference to a type of elementary particle, a fundamental constituent of matter.

The ‘Librastone’ low coffee tables, limited edition, rest all their “lightness” on a curved base, balanced on one point. This point of gravity of Librastone is manipulated through the use of software and algorithms that allow the table to obtain a perfectly horizontal position. The project can be customized in different materials following the same gravity principle.

Osmosi’ is a series of unique glass-and-marble vases, furniture and lighting pieces. The project lies on the border between serial production and one-of-a-kind sculptures, all of them being resolutely functional. By combining new technology with traditional craftsmanship in an entirely innovative way, a virtual fusion is made between marble and handblown glass. These materials are put together with a precision that is only possible thanks to high-level digital technology. Like Cinderella and the glass shoe, there is only one unique piece of glass that can fit into one unique piece of marble. The effect is a perfect symbiosis between materials.

These are examples of how Emmanuel Babled combines new technologies with traditional craft techniques to get unexpected, almost magical design pieces.

Quark Marble - 6 Elements - Carrara C Marble

Librastone - Model 3 - Black Marquina

Osmosi Complement #5 Long - Carrara Xtra C Marble and handblown Murano glass
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