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Athens, 1945
Athens School of Fine Arts (Nikos Nikolaou’s workshop)
1973  Accademy of fine art in Rome (L. Montanarini’s workshop)
1980 Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris (F. Mosca’s workshop)
Currently lives and works in Athens

This work of the Greek artist Dimitris Alithinos, consultant of the Fetzer Institute, was created specifically for Global Gathering, and draws inspiration from the history of Assisi.

The maternal body of contemporary taste, carved in Carrara marble, expresses the free maternal love full of hope in the future and forgiveness for the past, consecrated not to the life of a single individual who comes to light, but to all humanity. The young session that caresses the belly with the world in the abdomen and the tenderness of the gesture, evokes the maternal body as a metaphorical site of love and responsibility towards every being, even towards the planet.

Love and Forgiveness, Amore e perdono – 2012
240x120x90 cm
Carrara Marble

Featured Exhibitions:
1972 Studio 47, Desmos Art Gallery, Athens; 1973 Ora Art Gallery, Athens (Catalogue “One Happening” text by Dimitris Alithinos); 1979 Desmos Art Gallery, Athens; 1980 Desmos Art Gallery, Athens; 1981 Desmos Art Gallery, Athens; 1982 Galleria Centrossei, Bari Desmos Art Gallery, Athens; 1983 Z-M Gallery, Thessalonica; 1985 Dracos Art Center, Athens (Catalogue “Dimitris Alithinos”, text by Efi Strousa and Jean van Geest); 1986 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia (Catalogue “Dimitris Alithinos”); 1988 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia (Catalogue “Alithinos” text by Efi Strousa); 1990 Epikentro Art Center, Patras Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia; 1991 B.M Gallery, Istanbul  (Catalogue “Dimitri Alithinos” text by Beral Madra); 1993 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia; 1994 Labirinto del Pelegrino, Rome (Catalogue “Alithinos” text by Vittoria Biasi); 1995 Epikentro Art Center, Patras; 1996 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia, Capuchin’s Church, Rome, Epikentro Art Center, Athens; 1997 47 Biennale di Venezia, Giardini, Greek Pavillon (Catalogue «Dimitris Alithinos » text by Efi Strousa, Beral Madra, Rosa Martinez); 1998 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia; 1999 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica, Greece, (Catalogue, by Emmanuel Mavromatis Zina Athanasiadou Art Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece (Catalogue “Dimitris Alithinos” text by Manos Stefanidis); 2003 Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia (Catalogue “Dimitris Alithinos: Works 1971-1979” text by Ellen Vacalo and Efi Strousa); 2006 N T Gallery Bologna, Italy, (Catalogue “Danze della Fertilita” text by Anais Anais Prebel Nuicci) Arte Fiera di Bologna, Italy: representation of the NT gallery, Bologna, with open air installation. Blue Hammam, Bologna: Video installation entitled “The profane secrets in a work by David Teniers the younger”, organized by NT   Gallery, Bologna, Italy. Zina Athanasiadou Art Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece (Catalogue “Alithinos 09.11or 11.09?” text by Cristiana Galanopoulou); 2007 Q box Art Gallery (“My melancholy’s lullaby” Catalogue, text by Efi Strousa) Gallery Murphy Limassol, Cyprus.  
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