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Can a Robot Replace Canova? The Marble Replica of 'Terpsichore' Is Not Human-Made



The technology of Robotor, an automated chisel robot capable of sculpting marble and stone, is ushering in a new era in sculpture. The co-founders of Robotor, Filippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari, who also run TorArt, a contemporary art studio providing facilities for sculpture, design, and architecture, believe their technology can simplify the manual labor involved in marble sculpting, which can be strenuous, risky, and hazardous for humans. For them, Robotor's technology heralds an era where sculptures are no longer "made of broken stones, chisels, and dust, but of scans and designs." The robot is capable of withstanding heavy loads even in hostile environments, as its hardware and construction are designed to resist flying marble chips and extra robust materials. Can a sculptor leave the chisel and give way to a robot? In the video, Robotor replicates "Terpsichore," the Carrara marble muse and masterpiece of Antonio Canova dated 1811.

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