The metamorphosis of classicism: that’s what these two artists create, Affiliati Peducci / Savini. Marble that looks like wood or wood that stays cool to the touch ? The intent of these sculptors is to show , through their works and their skillful ability, the transformation of the noblest stone, marble , giving the impression that everything can be shaped with great ease. Research and experimentation , two key words in the vocabulary of the Affiliates who are driven by curiosity as well as sculpting skill and knowledge of the stone.

Their works are the result of continuous research on stone and , their familiarity with it , is also the result of an ironic approach and  extreme affection for classic iconography which they totally transform and distort without losing the majesty of the material, but rather they exhault all its qualities, without removing any defects . Nothing is as it seems : Peducci and Savini are able to distort the perception of the viewer in front of their works, the wonder of their eyes contrasts the simple knowledge that we have of the stone. The artists lead us to believe that the marble is no longer the stone that humanity has known for centuries and which the great sculptors of the past always experimented with.

MATTEO PEDUCCI: born July 25, 1980 in Castiglione del Lago (Pg), lives and works in Assisi.

MATTIA SAVINI: born on July 8, 1982 in Siena , lives and works in Assisi.

Their meeting and artistic partnership occurred in Carrara during their studies at the Fine Arts Academy, where both are graduated in Sculpture in 2007 .


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