“FLAKES” by Giuliano Orlandi

There are the wastes of each type of material , but those of “white gold” origin to a installation and show it: FLAKES.

The works of Giuliano Orlandi speak and don’t need much explanation . The statuary marble shovel that collects the flakes of the same material , daughters of excavations that are done on the quarries, are collected in buckets and bags , ready to be chopped up and crubled and be transformed into something different .

In his work , he use the monochrome marble  to create still ” three-dimensional ” images. The marble telling marble, and its long history: the objects represented become containers of themselves, bringing out the uniqueness and the vanity of material, but even its austerity and ” poverty ” at the same time.

Giuliano Orlandi was born in Carrara on 27.6.1973 , studies at the Fine Arts Academy in his city. Lives and works in Carrara and Pietrasanta . He realized in 2000 a monumental sculpture for the city of Prague and he participated in several international festivals of sculpture including: Huallen International Stone Sculpture Festival in Taiwan and the International Sculpture Biennial of Toyamura in Japan.


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